Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Round Box Chain Necklace in 2.5mm (Gauge 250). Available in 6 Lengths Solid 925 Chain Precious Gift

$149.40 $249

Rhodium Finish Round Box Chain. Beautiful Chain with a brilliant finish, a must have for small pendants. In Sterling Silver. Made in Italy.

Medium weight round box chain in 2.5mm (Gauge 250) width. Available in following lengths:

16" (12.0 grams)
18" (13.5 grams)
20" (15.0 grams)
22" (16.5 grams)
24" (18.0 grams)
30" (22.5 grams)

Guaranteed 925 Sterling Silver.

All weights are approximate and may vary even in chains of the same width and length.

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